Jae Awkins, Author

“beyond the limits, between the lines”


Welcome to my Library 



Alaskan Album       Knossos, Greece & Turkey       Ancient Sumeria & Egypt



– in progress –


 “Crime in the Wilderness”

                              – an Alaskan Suspense Romance –



  “Love in Knossos”            

 – Time Travel to Ancient Crete –        



                                     “Take Me Back” 

                                          – Time Travel Romance in Ancient Turkey –



                                             “The Patriarch” 

                                                        – Epic Historical of Ancient Sumeria – 




"The Winslows of Conrian"      “The Winslows of Conrian”

                                        – a trilogy set in the early 1900’s –


                                “Forever Yours”

The second volume of  “The Winslows of Conrian” series

                 – set in World War I –



                           “For The Boys”      Open24Hrs_sign

The third volume of “The Winslows of Conrian” series

– set in World War II & the sequel to “Forever Yours” –



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