Love in Knossos

– a Suspenseful Romantic Time Travel to Ancient Crete –

Jane’s life is predictable, tenuous, boring.

Her romance novels are best sellers but, as a reclusive writer, she lives vicariously through her research and stories.

Then she meets Rob at her latest book signing and has her first whirlwind romance.  Rob changes everything; and though she can’t directly blame him for her sudden transport through time and space, she can blame him for the depression she felt when he left her.

She’ll never let any man like Rob fool her again.

With her agent and best friend Avalon Sinclair by her side, Jane insists that it’s destiny when they wake up in the Labyrinth of the Minotaur in Knossos, Crete in 1450 B. C.

Now she’s sure that she was born for something special.

But she’s scared, wondering if she can measure up. Refusing is not an option. When she realizes that her researh allows her to predict the future there’s a glimmer of hope.

As a servant to the youngest daughter of the Royal Family, she is privy to events that give her an edge; but the youngest, Princess Ariadne, makes Jane’s life a living hell.

And Prince Deucalion – Jane’s not sure of his motives.

She’s pulled into a plot of cruelty and redemption, heroes and fools.

Can she figure out what part she and Avie play before too many die – and will she find the man of her dreams, or another Rob?



– coming soon –