Alaskan Trivia

FYI – There are NO penguins in Alaska!



 Our winters are long – coping with the elements is sometimes challenging!



(Winter…NO comment necessary?!)




Summer daylight IS about 20 hours a day in the Anchorage area in June – 4 hours of dusk

(and 24 hours of daylight DOES occur further north during the summer solstice)




There IS a North Pole, Alaska – about 40 miles north of Fairbanks

(there is a ‘Santa Claus’ House up there, too – a tourist stop for “Outsiders”) 


 Take Grandma and buy souveniers…




There are only two main roads in Alaska – one north, one south


“The Igloo House” – near Fairbanks.  Intended as a hotel, now vacant



Eskimo & Indian cultures are NOT to be confused with one another



         Picnic Season is Short……………Rock Slides Happen…….Alaskans LOVE Ice Cream – summer OR winter!