IT & Authorship – Not for wimps

  My frustration overflows as I plunge the sinkhole of the internet trying to establish web sites, ‘dot coms’ & author blogs.

Alas, regarding current Information Technology I know only enough to be dangerous.  I am forced to admit that I may need help from someone younger, smarter and/or much more savvy than I when it comes to IT & creating a full compliment of networking.  This hurts.

But on the brighter side, this weekend I acquired a ‘dot com’, an Author blog and an email site without help, in the hope that when they are properly linked my writing will somehow become available on the virtual smorgasboard of the literary buffet in cyberspace – are you hungry for romance and adventure?

As I write this missive I take pride in the fact that I didn’t scramble the above mentioned sites too badly (yet) and that I now semi-exist across said cyberspace with fellow authors in the virtual reality of the novelist’s playground.  Let the games begin.

Tomorrow I will tackle connecting my sites together and hope that I don’t have a nervous breakdown while the links upload.

Welcome to the Age of Information – it’s called Progress.  You’re either on the Success Train, or in the field waving it farewell.

I’m looking forward to the train ride myself and I hate to travel alone – will you join me?    Hop on board and we’ll go wonderful places together!

Take my hand, Dear Reader, and as star-crossed book lovers we’ll wait for each other here, sharing mutual appreciation of the written word.  Join me in the last great race for romance and adventure.  Are you ready for the ride?

I’ll be looking forward to many future rendezvous with you, My Literary Paramour, so watch for me here – I’ll be looking for you!

— Jae Awkins, Author


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  1. Nice post–I like the metaphor. The clip art is cool too! 🙂

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