– An Ancient Epic of Sumeria & Egypt –


It’s around 1950 B.C. and a small boy’s unhappiness and subsequent journey in life will change the course of the world.

In a household of men, six-year-old Abram’s abusive father, Terah, makes Abram and his brother’s lives a living hell of constant criticism and shame.

Grandfather Nahor raised Terah to be mercenary in both business and child rearing.  Terah’s middle son, Nahor’s namesake, is carrying on the heartless tradition of abuse.  Nahor the Younger is a schemer like grandfather, selfish and sadistic.  The adage ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ defines Abram’s life as his older brother taunts and torments everyone around him for his own personal entertainment.

The only family member that Abram can relate to is his brother, Haran.  A fragile, sickly young man who is expected to someday become head of household as eldest son, Haran is not much help in championing Abram’s cause.  Haran is in over his head with his own survival.

As Abram’s life unfolds, the physical and emotional tragedies that drive him and his encampment of followers become a promise, a quest and a legacy that will continue through two millennia.

Little Abram will grow into ‘Abraham the Patriarch’, ‘The Father of Nations’ and ‘The Friend of Yahweh’.

A daunting task, one man’s journey of a lifetime will influence countless lives and establish a major movement that will later challenge the ancient super powers of Egypt and Rome.


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