Forever Yours

"Forever Yours"


– the second volume in “The Winslows of Conrian” series –


The continuing story of The Winslows of Conrian – next generation.

Emma has taken over her father’s shipping business. She and her sister, Lucinda live in the family home in Conrian together, but they don’t get along.

When Lucy falls in love with Jack Carpenter, a young man from a poor family, Emma openly disdains their relationship and tries to disuade her sister from associating with Jack.

Meanwhile, childhood friend, Carl Horowitz. has fallen madly in love with Emma, but she holds him at arms length.

When World War I breaks out and Jack enlists in the military, Lucy is distraught. She soon becomes ill and discoveres there’s more to her symptoms than meets the eye.  Emma begins treating Lucy even worse than usual, and Lucy deteriorates further.

When tragedy strikes, the Winslow girls are at odds and, with the entire town looking on, they struggle through life’s maze of challenges.

“Forever Yours” is a World War I story set in the early 1900’s, a slower way of life, but with day to day complications that are universal. A story of how the next generation of Winslows cope with life, love and the pursuit of happiness.


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