The Middle East is a fascinating place —

                                                   — step into time with me and see ancient history unfold.

                                                                                       You never know where we might end up…….

Entryway – the oldest archeological site in Greece


Ah, Athens – the center of civilization in the ancient world


The Parthenon – damaged in World War II when used by Germany to store explosives


          Six Maidens Temple near the Parthenon



Sculpture & Relief – on display at the Acropolis Museum in Athens


Amphitheatre in Athens, Greece



City of Santorini, Greece – houses built into the hill                               Donkey transport up the walkway through the maze of houses



Monastary with the Monk’s covered walkway to the beach


  Monk’s Walkway to the beach                                                            Greek Orthodox Priest       


Greek house in the countryside on Crete – handmade lacework for sale



Winery on Santorini – open to the public                                                 Harvesting local grapes from the vineyards



A trip up the mountainside, by burrow, to the mouth of the Dictian Cave



       Inside the Dictian Cave, supposed birthplace of the Greek god, Zeus

Mouth of the cave, looking upward


Amazing history, myths and legends abound in this ancient land;

a wealth of knowledge for the fertile imagination