“Winslows of Conrian – Book 1”

‘The Winslow’s of Conrian’

– Book One of the Trilogy – 



J. T. Winslow is a man of means. He comes from a well-established English family, but is determined to make his own way in life.

His wife, Eleanor O’Connell Winslow, is the love of J. T.’s life.

Eleanor is also of Irish decent, and her well-to-do family stems from a different background, hard work and a successful brewery dynasty.

Eleanor’s mother is very protective of Eleanor and her two sisters, resulting in a clash of wits that often threatens to tear Eleanor and J. T.’s marriage apart.

The two young Winslow daughters, Emma and Lucinda, are caught in the middle, shaping their future and personalities along the way. The biggest problem, however, is tha they do not get along, at all.

J. T. and Eleanor struggle to overcome their individual ideas of the life they’ve envisined together, making choices that affect the entire extended families in profound ways.

In the end, they come to an understanding, just before disaster strikes and family members are lost forever, changing everything

J. T. and Eleanor’s tumultous love story spans several decades, raising a family and coping with the older generations that influence their decisions while trying to do what is best for the future of their daughters. \

Through it all, their love for one another is a constant, setting an example that only one of their girls will follow.

‘The Winslows of Conrian’ is a trilogy that spans three generations, World War I, World War II, and tragedies like the sinking of the RMS Titanic and the Lusitania.

A saga set in the early 20th Century that will keep the reader entertained on a journey of one family and the love they share, or do not.